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Jeg har skrevet oss alle opp på denne listen slik at jeg aldri stusser på hvem vi er.

Smergel Dragedreper, Ridder av Furyondy
Human Sor 16
Istoliath Maugrillion, Ridder av Furyondy
Centaur Evo 5, Shf 9
Mellf, Centaur av Furyondy
Centaur 10 FTR/3 ROG

The Eye of Iuz
Human Blackguard

Frosken Frank
Toad Familiar
Human Btl


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27th Wealsun, 594 CY
Earthday (Work)

I'm weary... weary of that which lurk in these dungeons... Images of a black and hellish beast haunts my memories. But the images fade in comparison to the terror Arkan experienced when the huge beast appeared before him and shredded him to pieces.

Volcama and Istoliath leads the way as we head deeper into the abandoned mine shafts. Suddenly Arkan's memories appear again and I see parts of the dungeons through the eyes of his wildshape. His sense of hearing is sharp as a bat's. He countinously sniffs and listens for clues of what's ahead. Then, as the images fade I move on...

Suddenly an ochre jelly rolls around a corner before us. My first impulse is to turn and run, leaving the jelly behind us. But then Volcama begins firing arrows at it. Arrows?! Could his arrows do some sort of damage on this amorphous thing? As the first arrow hits the blob it severs it and a large chunk falls to the ground. But the chunk doesn't lay still and then both of them begins to grow. Now there are two amorphous beings before us.

I pull forth a magical ball of hair from my bag of summonings and throw it towards the two jellies. The ball rolls on the stony ground taking the shape of an wolverine. It immediatley attacks but is abruptly killed as the jelly raises it's body and slams down upon the wolverine, engulfing and devouring it in the same action.

We continue the attack, while the jellies continue to split and multiply for each of our futile attacks. Not until they've become six or seven do we realize that we must retreat. Then Istoliath sends forth a fireball killing all but one jelly.

Running back from whence we came, I ease down and cast a firery invocation, producing flames in the center of my right palm. As I turn I see the jelly taking a turn to the right, pursuing Volcama into a dead end. With all my strength I hurl two fiery balls at he monster and burn two deep holes in it's back. Then it falls to the ground... dead...
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