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Livet som eventyrer bringer med seg mange forskjellige erfaringer og inntrykk. Jeg har forsøkt å dele noen av dem med dere her.

The Power of Power Attack
Tweak your Damage
Temple politics
Thorn's new wagon
A goblin's escape

Considering the many adventures Smergel has participated in it's no wonder that he is used to travel. And even though he is looked upon as being somewhat "off" and absentminded he still manages to gather bits and pieces of knowledge that could be of use for other adventureres. The hard part of course is getting him to tell you about them!

Use the menu on the scroll to the left to hear what Smergel has to say. But beware, with great knowledge comes great power and along with it the need for great responsibility...

-- Arkan Hawkeye

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